• How many books may I check out?  How long do I get to keep them?

    You may check out three books at one time (one fiction and two nonfiction, two fiction and one nonfiction, three fiction, or three nonfiction).  Books are checked out to you for two weeks at a time.

    May I still check out a book if I have an overdue book on my account?

    No, you may not check out any additional books until the overdue book is returned to the library.

    How many times may I renew a book?  For how long is it renewed?

    As long as another patron of the library does not need or want the book, you may renew it as many times as you need to complete your reading.  Should there be a waiting list for the book, there will be no renewals honored.

    How can I come to the library without my class?

    Depending on your scheduling situation, you can come in a variety of ways. 
    Here is a sampling of what we can offer to students:

    1) If you are currently scheduled in a study hall, your study hall teacher 
    will have a sign-up list provided to them each day. Available seats in the
    library will depend on classes that have been scheduled, and the overall
    school schedule. Bring everything you need with you to the library; we do
    not allow students to return to lockers once in the library!

    2) If you need to visit the library one day, and you are not scheduled to
    visit your study hall, you can come to the library before you go to your
    homeroom class, and, based upon our library schedule for the day, a predetermined
    number of lunch passes will be available on a "first come, first served" basis.

    What if I have a recommendation for a book or a series that I really like?

    Well, I am here to serve the students, faculty, and staff of Wappingers Junior High
    School, so if there is something that you have read and enjoyed, and think that others
    might as well, I expect you to come in and tell me!

    How can I contact Mrs. Green if I'm not at school, and I have a question for her
    something that's related to the library?

    You are ALWAYS welcome to email me at beth.green@wcsdny.org, and I will
    do my best to help you out!