• -A three ring binder (1"or bigger) with 3 sections (Classwork/homework, Tests/Quizzes, worksheets) –it can be shared with another subject as long as the two subjects are clearly separated with paper or a notebook for assignments.

    - loose leaf paper


    -Italian/English Dictionary - must be brought to class

    -Blue or black pens/pencils, a hi-lighter and one non-standard color for corrections (green, pink, purple, etc)
    --Crayons, markers, or colored pencils, glue stick, pencil sharpener, eraser
    -Donation of tissues & hand sanitizer - accepted all year long
    - marble notebook for a planner
    You may also wish to have:
    - a three-hole puncher and a pencil sharpener
    -3X5 index cards for flashcards with a zip lock baggie for each 
    set of flashcards made per topic