• Succeed in math:

    Take notes in class daily - notes will provide an explanation 

    of what you are expected to know. 

    Read directions carefully. 

    Write down each homework problem first,

     then show all work when doing that particular problem. 

    Each problem will be modeled in your notes

      and text book for you. 


    Have completed homework in class with you daily!


     when we go over each answer. 


    about anything you did not understand when the homework was reviewed. 

    Doing and correcting homework is your key to success! 

    As always ask for extra help when you need it - not just before a test!


    Prepare for Tests:

    Study from your notebook as well as your textbook 
    Go over each homework and review class work.

    Make sure you know how to do each problem - that means
    you know the process that enables you to get the answer!

    Review vocabulary words

    Call a friend or have a study group!