• February 2022

    Purpose: The purpose of the dress code is to help establish the optimum learning environment for all our students.  We believe that the dress code will instill respect for self as well as foster mutual respect among all students. We believe that our students can only benefit by a dress code that seeks to enhance the overall atmosphere of learning. 

    •   Student dress and grooming is to be neat, clean, and safe at all times.
    •  Clothing or jewelry that supports or promotes profanity, the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco, sexually suggestive phrases, or any other inappropriate phrases or symbols is not permitted. · At no time should the student’s midriff or private parts be visible ·        


    •  All headgear including, but not limited to, hats, sunglasses, hair curlers, skullies, do-rags, and bandanas, may not be worn in class. Head covering is reserved for religious and health and safety reasons only.
    • Articles hanging from clothing, such as chains, are not permitted. · 
    • Shoes, sandals, and sneakers are to be worn properly laced and safely secured to the feet. Flip-flops are not permitted.
    • Clothing that is distractible, such as garments that inappropriately expose body parts or articles of undergarments are not permitted. This means specifically no low-cut shirts. 
    • No spaghetti strap tops, no halter tops, no vests, No Tube Tops, no see-through or mesh garments worn without clothing underneath. 
    • All articles of clothing must be safe and healthy to wear. For example, all shorts are to be worn below mid-thigh and pants should not be worn below the heel of the shoe. Skirts and dresses are to be worn near the knee. NOTE: Students may wear a combination of clothes where the total effect complies with the dress code. 
    • Face masks or face coverings are not permitted in school.


    Important Note: Due to the COVID pandemic, the wearing of face masks will be based on CDC, NYS and District guidelines. Decisions regarding the wearing of face masks are based on the prevailing guidelines of these organizations. 


    • Jewelry – wearing of chains or safety pins from belt loops, buckles, clothing or other articles in one’s possession is not permitted. Ball and/or link chains worn around the neck must be tight enough to avoid being pulled. Metal necklaces, metal bracelets and jewelry with spikes create a potential health and safety issue and are not permitted.
    • Coats, jackets, or outer clothing, etc. must be placed in lockers and not worn during school.
    • Backpacks or book bags are not to be worn or carried during school. These must be placed in the locker. The string type backpacks apply.
    • Hats may not be worn in school or attached to one's belt or clothing.
    • Please refer to the District Code of Behavior for the consequences of violating the dress code.
    •  Parents will be called when there is a dress code concern. A student may be placed in ISR until a change in clothes is made.

    The dress code will be followed at school and at school-sponsored events such as spirit week, unless permission is granted otherwise by the building principal.