Course Syllabus

  • Wappingers Junior High School

    English as a New Language

    Course Syllabus 2023-2024

    Instructor: Ms. Cosme, ENL Stand Alone, and Integrate Co-Teaching 7th Grade


    Phone:  WJHS-845-298-5200  extension 21146



    Hello, and welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  My name is Maria Cosme and I will be your child's English as a New Language teacher this year.  


    Course Description:  English Language Learners are required by New York State to demonstrate progress in the English Language.  This class is design to develop and expand ELL's English Language Skills while supporting the seventh and eighth grade content area curriculum:  


    Learning goals at all levels:


    Levels: Entering         Emerging         Transitioning          Expanding   Commanding 


    Speaking Skills:  Students will practice speaking English through conversation with their peers and their teachers in class.  They will ask and answer questions, make relevant comments and offer their opinion.  Group work and activities in integrated content area classes and ENL stand-alone classes will provide students the opportunity to develop and practice communication skills.


    Listening Skills:  Students will actively listen to English from their teachers (while presenting each lesson) and peers (during classroom discussions, group activities and presentations) media sources such as video clips, movies, and news.  The purpose of these listening activities is to understand the speaker’s message in order to provide an adequate response. 


    Reading Skills: Students will be exposed to a variety of text including essays, plays, short stories and novels.  This will help students learn different strategies to understand second language text. 


    Writing Skills: Students will write daily.  Students will write weekly responses in their journal.  Students will write paragraphs, essays and stories based on literature they have read in class. 


    Classroom Expectations See student handbook for guidelines on classroom behavior.  All students are expected to behave in a manner that promotes a positive learning environment. 


    Students are expected to attend class everyday, follow all classroom  rules and participate during classroom lessons

    • Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class. Students should bring their chromebook fully charged and ready for use, composition notebook, folder and independent reading book.

    • Students are expected to be kind, courteous and respectful to classmates and teachers

    • Students are expected to behave, use appropriate language and be respectful to others.



    Cell Phone/electronics policy in ENL class: 


    No cellphone use is allowed in class or during instruction. Cell phones must be out of sight and turned off at all times  



    If a student uses a cell phone in class: 


    1st- Warning (teacher will talk with the students about classroom rules,)  

    2nd - Parent contact by teacher and student

    3rd- referral  to the  grade level administrator


     Required Classroom Materials 


    • 11/2 binder with five dividers (binder should have plastic cover)

    •  loose leaf paper

    •  Two folders yellow and red

    •  #2 pencils/ erasers to use throughout the year

    • 2 black pens 2 blue pens

    • highlighters (yellow, orange, blue and pink) 

    • 2 Composition notebooks 

    • 3 X 5 index cards (white/pink/green/yellow)

    • 1 box of tissue




    • Oxford Picture Dictionary

    • Additional resources will be used throughout the year.  This includes short stories, novels and poems.   Materials will be provided by the teacher.


    Grading/Assessment: Grades reflect individual behavior, effort, classroom participation and performance.  In an integrated co-taught class the content area teacher will give a grade using the following: assessments: notebook, quizzes, tests, written assignments/projects. 


    ENL stand-alone class, students will receive a grade based on individual progress and performance.  .  


    • Do Now’s/HW 10%

    • Class Participation- (speaking/Listening ) 25%

    • Journal Entries (reading/writing) 30%

    • Test-Quizzes-Projects 35%


    Assessments at All Levels: 

    • NYSITELL  

    • New York State English Second Language Assessment Test (NYSESLAT) April-June

    • I-Ready Reading and Math

    • NYS exam-ELA, Math

    • Science (8th grade)


    The goals for our students is to learn English for personal, social and academic purposes and to promote a love for learning. Please read the information together with your child, sign it and have your child return it to me. 



    I have read and understand the classroom course outline for English as a New Language.


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