(J141- no prerequisite/.25 credit/10 weeks)


    Course Syllabus                                                                                       Ms. Gehlert                        


    WJHS Mission Statement: “To provide a safe, varied, and supportive learning environment by establishing partnerships with school, home and community in order to encourage all students to succeed, work to their highest potential, have good attendance, respect, responsibility and a positive attitude.”


    7th grade Health is the study of life skills that allows students to succeed in school and in the community by promoting their personal health and development.


    Note: This course is State mandated.


    Teacher Information:


    Names:     Tammy Gehlert                                  

    Emails:      tammy.gehlert@wcsdny.org              

    Phone #:   845-298-5200

    Website:    https://www.wappingersschools.org  AND visit Google Classroom  




            -Mental Health                         -Communicable disease: HIV/AIDS                                 

            -Social/Communication Skills               -Non-communicable Diseases

            -Alcohol, Tobacco and Substance Abuse            -Nutrition

            -Lifestyle Behaviors that Impact Health               -Anti-Bullying Education


    Textbook: (2007). TEEN HEALTH (Course 3): Glencoe/McGraw-Hill.

    Resources: Internet


    Classroom Rules:



    1. Students will act in a responsible manner and abide by the rules outlined in the student code of conduct. Plagiarism and other forms of cheating are not acceptable.


    1. Students will be trustworthy and respectful of their family, teacher and peers.


    1. Students will not repeat or share information in a forum used for this class that would not be appropriate in a typical classroom setting.  Students will show care and be respectful of others when expressing their opinions.


    1. Students will be respectful of their peers and teachers by listening attentively when others are speaking and participate appropriately in any class forum.


    1. Students will exhibit good citizenship. 



    1. Students are expected to complete assignments/projects on time. Students who need extended time need to contact me. Failure to turn in an assignment, regardless of the reason, or  failure to put your name on an assignment, will result in a zero for that assignment. All missing/late work must be in by the last Thursday of the quarter.  Again, if there is any issue with the assignments, please contact me.


    1. Students are expected to come to class prepared (including a charged chromebook), participate in class activities, read materials, and complete online assignments in a timely manner. If there is an issue, please contact me.


    1. Parents should verify/update their emails on SchoolTool as notifications will be made via school tool email. Missing work notifications will be made on a regular basis. 



    Projects (30%)        

    • Passion Project /Leadership Project
    • Health & Wellness Project 
    • Nicotine Project 
    • Environmental Project


    Classwork (20%)

    • Advertisement
    • HIV comic
    • Party Activity
    • Breaking the Cycle 
    • Vocabulary


    Week Reviews  (50%)