• Van Wyck Junior High School

    Team 7Yellow – Regents Mathematics  2023 - 2024


    Dear students and parents/guardians,

    Welcome to 7th grade regents math! 

    Here is some general information regarding the course as we start the year closer to normal.

    Learning supplies to be self-provided

    • 2” hard - covered binder with two sections:  Notes, and other.  (can be combined with other classes)
    • 3-hole punched loose-leaf paper (about 50 pages worth).
    • Box of tissues

    **Pencil pouch stocked at all times with plenty of pens/pencils, sharpener (to be shared with Science)


    Course Outline

    The course is aligned with current State Standards (Next Generation). Topics to be covered this year include:

    1. Ratios and Proportional Relationships
    2. The Number System
    3. Expressions and Equations
    4. Geometry
    5. Statistics and Probability

    For a more detailed look at the standards, visit the state education website here, and click on 7th grade.

    Assignments, quizzes, and tests

    All graded work will be in the form of assignments, quizzes, and tests. Quizzes and tests will be announced ahead of time and must be completed by students independently.


    Tests will evaluate student knowledge on major and minor topics. Notification of test days will be given in advance. Students are expected to study/practice to prepare for each test. Tests are to be done independently by the student.


    Quizzes will evaluate student progress on specific learning objectives. Advance notice will be given for quizzes. When possible, students should study/practice for quizzes. Quizzes are to be done independently by the student.


    Quarterly grades are based on the following:

    Tests 35%               Quizzes   35%            

    Assignments  20%     Class Participation 10%

    Absences and Extra Help

    If, for some reason, a student can not make it to the class period, the material will still be available for students in Google classroom. Tests and quizzes can be made up at school. I give extra help on the morning of quizzes and tests. These days will be announced ahead of time on my Google classroom page.  

    Team Website

    Although Google Classroom will provide you with the information you need, the teachers of team 7 Yellow have a website that will allow you to visit individual teacher websites here: https://www.wappingersschools.org/Page/5856

    You may email me with any questions at: