• Hello Students and Families!                             September 8th, 2022




    Welcome to 8th grade health! 


    It is my goal to give you as much knowledge and skills as possible to enhance your health, examine alternatives and make responsible health-related decisions. Students will draw upon knowledge from biological, psychological, environmental, social, physical, and medical sciences in order to help learn how to prevent and manage health problems.


    We will be covering many different health topics throughout this class.

    • Mental & Emotional Health & Wellness                        
    • How to Handle Peer Pressure
    • Violence and Injury Prevention                                
    • Tobacco & E-Cigarettes/Vaping
    • Alcohol and other drugs                                         
    • Conflict Resolution Strategies
    • Prescription Drugs                                                
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Human Reproduction                                        
    • Abstinence & STDs/STIs

    ***Non-Communicable Diseases will also be discussed within various units of study




    Class Rules & Expectations

    • Students must be seated at their desk with their class materials ready by the 2nd bell. 
    • Students must be respectful of others at all times. No exceptions.
    • Students must raise their hands, and wait to be called on, before speaking in class.
    • Students will be expected to complete all of their required work and participate in class discussions.
    • Students may not leave their chair, or the classroom, without asking for permission from the teacher, unless there is an emergency.




    • A pocket folder for health to store notes and class handouts.
    • Loose leaf paper or a single subject notebook for taking notes. We will use this every day.
    • A pen or pencil to write with.
    • Your district issued computer, fully charged and ready to be used!


    ***We will be doing class projects that will require colored pencils, scissors, glue and construction paper. I will provide these materials in class, but it would be nice to have your own set, so that you don’t have to share the communal supply. I will make announcements beforehand, so you know which days to bring in these crafting supplies. 





    Tests & Quizzes -25%

    Homework Assignments - 25%

    Class Projects - 25%

    Class Participation  25%


    • Official grades are posted in SchoolTool, and guardians can view them at anytime in the Parent Portal. Please note that Google Classroom grades will synch to SchoolTool. 
    • Please complete assignments on time so you do not get overwhelmed or fall behind.
    • Assignments must be “turned in” in Google Classroom in order to be graded.
    • Once assignments have been graded, they will be returned to the students.
    • Assignments with a “0” or missing are incomplete and will not get credit until they are completed.




    If you have any questions throughout this course, please reach out and speak with me. I am here to help! The best way to contact me is through my email, which is listed below. I look forward to working with you all.




    Mrs. Conway


    Teacher Contact Information:

    Email: eva.conway@wcsdny.org