• Italian Level I        

    Italian 7 L315 and Italian I L316




                   Signora Fava

                   Email: rita.fava@wcsdny.org


    Course Description:

    Students begin their study of a foreign language in 7th grade and are encouraged to continue till the 12th grade. Foreign Language level I is spread over a two-year period in grades 7th & 8th.  The curriculum is centered on six themes that are consistent with real life situations. Themes covered include:

    1.  Personal and Public Identities
    2.  Families and Communities
    3.  Contemporary Life
    4.  Beauty, Aesthetics, and the Arts
    5.  Science and Technology
    6.  Global Challenges


    1. a notebook of your choice
    2. Pen or pencil
    3. a folder for handouts
    4. an Italian-English dictionary (to be kept at home) and/or word reference app
    5. a box of facial tissues (to be brought to the classroom)
    6. headphones or ear pods
    7. chromebook charger

    Assessment:  This will be an ongoing process. A total points system will be used to determine your progress. You will be encouraged to use Italian to communicate for authentic and meaningful purposes. Assessments will include writing, reading, listening and speaking tasks.

    CLASSROOM PROCEDURES AND POLICIES: Lifelong success depends in part on learning to make responsible choices. Students are encouraged to make good decisions regarding their learning and the learning of others. I will strive to ensure that my students have the most positive educational climate possible. Working together we will make a difference in the process. I enjoy teaching and learning from my students. We will have fun learning Italian. 


    1. We are present, prompt, and prepared every day.
    2. We pay attention when others are speaking.
    3. We do our best and ask for help when necessary.
    4. We are kind and respectful.
    5. We avoid distractions.


    I can be reached either via email or by phone. rita.fava@wcsdny.org  845-298-5200 X2109

    I am looking forward to a successful and rewarding year.