How to do Test Corrections - Regents class only

  • You failed a what....? 


    No worries!!!  Just follow these simple instructions to get a 1/2 point back on your test for EACH question corrected in the correct format.

    1.  Get a blank sheet of paper

    2.  Put your name on it.

    3.  Write Test Corrections for ________________ test (fill in the name of the test)

    4.  For each question you got wrong, write the number, the whole question and the correct answer (if it is a multiple choice question, please do NOT just write the correct have to write the words).

    For example, if the test questions looked like this:

    1.   Mrs. Hansen has a dog named...

    a.  Tyson       b.  Chicken          c.  Spot                d.  Glen


    The correction would look like this:

    1.  Mrs. Hansen has a dog named (a) Tyson.  


    5.  Staple the test correction paper to the test and turn it into the "In Bin"


    Any questions, please ask BEFORE you do the corrections.  

    Test Corrections are due 5 days from the date the test is handed back.