• Students are very rarely assigned homework in Technology class.  All students are given time to complete their assignments and projects in class.  If students are unable to complete work during class time due to absence or inefficient use of class time, students may need to complete work outside of class.  
    Regardless of the due date, any work (new or corrected) will typically be accepted for full credit until approximately one week prior to the progress report or report card.  After this point, old work will not be accepted and the existing grade will stand.
    Parent Portal is utilized and all grades are updated as soon as possible when new or corrected work (assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, etc.) are submitted. 
    Extra Credit
    Arrangements can be made for students to earn extra credit towards various grades throughout the year.
    • Initially, students should express interest in extra credit and speak with the teacher outside of class to determine the general idea for the extra credit
    • Option 1:
      • The student will complete a task, assignment, project, etc which was assigned by the teacher
    • Option 2:
      • The student will identify their own project of interest, submit a proposal, and have it approved by the teacher prior to starting the project
      • The intent of this option is to encourage students to learn through self exploration by working along side friends and family members outside of school
      • Students can find details for the required proposal on Mr. Woolston's Student Resource Website