• ELA CLASS SUPPLIES for Team 7 Green



    FOR '22-'23:

    Please have the following supplies for ELA by the first Monday of the school year:

    • one marble composition book (any color or design), labeled with your first and last name in the upper-right corner, and your class period....*PLEASE, NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS!*
    • an independent reading book, any genre, any topic...YOUR choice!  (This is a continual expectation for the entire school year.)
    • a two-pocket folder
    • a continuous supply of #2 pencils and blue or black ink pens
    • at least 3 glue sticks
    • one pair of earbuds that are compatible with your Chromebook 
    • one or two highlighters
    • Sincerely appreciated, but not required:  a donation of one box of tissues!  (Please and THANK YOU!!)
    All of these supplies can be purchased at any dollar store!