• Education Enhancement Awards
    Proceeds from the gift cards fundraiser are used to support various education enhancement grants awarded to teachers.  Support this program and help our teachers by purchasing gift cards.
    To be considered for an education enhancement award, please review the guidelines and complete the application form.  Submit it to rckptsa@gmail.com or the PTSA mailbox in the main office.
    • Marine Biology education at New York Aquarium (Suzanne Cachon) 
    • Stand-up desks (Patricia Fitzgibbon) 
    • Dyes for chemistry lab (Patricia D'Antono)
    • Funds to help offset printing costs for the Odyssey Magazine (Theresa Sutton) 
    • Math boat AP Calculus/AB teacher package (Holly Siebert)
    • Classroom kitchen pantry to enhance the kitchen used by the Life Skills students for the Ketcham Cafe (Rachel Lafreniere)
    • Wall-mounted flat screen television for the library (MaryBeth Rossetti)
    • Twenty-one Fiction and non-fiction Books for classroom library (Marilyn Norton)
    • Sixteen Fishing Poles and Accessories for 9-12 Intensive Instruction and Adaptive PE (Rachel Lafreniere and William Roos)
    • iPads for classroom use (Kathleen Flanagan)
    • Forensic class equipment (Patricia D'Antono)
    • Ceramic class projector (Amanda Reardon)
    • African studies textbooks (Dr. Michael Panza)
    • Math class projector (Lisa Rutigliano)