• September 6th, 2023


    Social Studies- Grade 7



    Dear Students and Parents:


    Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies.  I am looking forward to this year and hope you will enjoy the course.  Below I have listed the topics we will study, classroom rules, course requirements, and the grading policy.  Hopefully all of this information will bring about a successful school year.  I am always available to answer any questions related to the course.


    Topics (What we will study)


    During the school year we will cover the information from the Social Studies textbook starting with The Roots of the American People (Prehistory-1500).  The final chapter deals with The Civil War (1861-1865).  Additional topics covered include:  The 13 English Colonies, The American Revolution, Creating the Constitution, The Jefferson Era, The Jackson Era, Westward Expansion, Sectionalism, etc.


    Classroom Rules

              1.  Be on time for class and in your seat when the bell rings.

              2.  If you come to class late, place your pass on my desk and quietly go to your seat.  After class I will give you any work you missed.

              3.  Stay in your seat until I dismiss you.  The bell is not the signal to leave. 

              4.  Maintain eye contact as often as possible when someone is speaking to the class, whether it’s me or a student speaking.

              5.  Do not write on the desks.

              6.  Be respectful to others.  Do not interrupt someone when they are speaking.

              7.  If you have a question or want to answer a question, raise your hand and wait to be called on.

              8.  Ask permission before leaving your seat.

              9.  Respect the property of others as well as the schools.

              10.  Keep the classroom clean.  Throw garbage in the garbage can.

              11.  Bring your 3-ring binder (a 2-inch binder just for Social Studies or a 3-inch binder for both Social Studies and ELA), a pencil, pen, paper, highlighter, and chromebook to class every day.

              12.  You must come to class, unless you have an emergency, before you go to guidance, the bathroom, nurse, or to an administrator.  This is because I am legally responsible for you.


    Course Requirements

              1.  You must have the necessary materials in class everyday (Look at #11 under Classroom Rules).

                         a. Your 3-ring binder has to have a section for:  1. Notes  2. Classwork  3. Homework  4. Returned quizzes and tests

              2.  When you return from being absent you will go to the folder in the front of the room labeled, ABSENT WORK.  In that folder will be all of the handouts (worksheets) that you did not get because you were absent.  All of your handouts will be stapled together and your name will be on the front sheet.  If notes were given while you were absent, you will copy the notes from your Student Buddy.  Everyone will be assigned a Student Buddy.  This means you and another student will exchange first and last names.  When you return from being absent you borrow the notes from your Student Buddy so you can copy what you missed.  Any other work you missed will be posted in our google classroom.  Each day I will post the lesson that was taught.  I will describe what was taught each day and I will attach any handouts that were given in our google classroom.

            3.  If you miss a test/quiz or do not have your homework due to an unexcused absence (Example:  cutting class) you will receive a fifty on the homework assignment and a zero on the test/quiz. 

            4.  Homework Policy:  Homework assignments will be collected and graded.  Late assignments will be accepted for half credit.  If you are absent the day work is due then it is due the first day you are back in class.

            5.  In this class you are expected to do your own work.  Copying from others will not be tolerated.  If you copy answers from another student, whether it’s on a homework or classwork assignment or a test or quiz, you will receive a zero on that test/quiz and a grade of one on that homework or classwork assignment. 

            6.  Keep your binder organized.  Every quarter there will be a surprise notebook quiz.  The notebook quiz will count as a quiz grade.


    Grading Policy

    Your quarter grade is determined by the following:

                     1.  Homework- 10%                  2.  Quizzes- 30%

                     3.  Tests- 30%                           4.  Classwork and Projects- 30%


    Please read this again at home with your parents.  I would like for you and your parents to sign this course outline and return it to me.


    Parents- I am looking forward to this year and welcome any suggestions or questions you may have.  Feel free to call me if you have any concerns at 227-1700.  I can also be reached at john.mazzola@wcsdny.org.  Please write your phone number on this course outline just in case I ever have to contact you.  Also, I hope to see you at Open House on September 21st. 





    John Mazzola


    Additions To Course Outline For Remote Learning

       Classroom Rules

         1. Be at the Google Meet when the period begins each day. Please don't be late because attendance has to be taken right away.  

         2. Keep your camera on during the entire period. I have to know that you are at the meeting and that you are paying attention.

         3. Keep your microphone off unless I call on you to ask or answer a question.

         4. Bring a folder just for Social Studies, a pen, pencil, highlighter, and loose leaf paper to the Google Meet each day (when/if we return to Van Wyck I will let you know when to get the remaining supplies listed on the Course Outline).

         5. Pay attention at all times and please let me know immediately (for example: by raising your hand or using the chat box) if you have a question or are confused about anything. I will let you turn your microphone on so you can ask your question. 

       Course Requirements

         1. If you are absent then go to our Google Classroom and you will easily be able to find the assignment/activity for the date that you were absent. Just read the directions and complete the assignment for the day that you were absent (the Absent Work folder and the Student Buddy will only be used if/when we return to Van Wyck). 

       Parents and Students

         1. If you have any questions or concerns you can communicate with me using our Google Classroom or you can email me at john.mazzola@wcsdny.org. I will respond to any questions or concerns as soon as possible. When/if we are in the actual classroom (Room 128) we will only follow the Course Outline. Whenever we learn remotely we will follow both the Course Outline and this one, containing the Additions to the Course Outline for Remote Learning. Anything not mentioned on the Additions to the Course Outline for Remote Learning is mentioned on the Course Outline (for example: Topics, Homework Policy, and Grading Policy).