Mr. Testa - Social Studies Grade 8


    I. Materials:

    A. 3-ring binder to be used only for social studies divided by pocket dividers into the following sections:

    1. Class notes (a spiral notebook or loose leaf paper may be used for class notes)

    2. Homework

    3. Vocabulary

                4. Tests and quizzes

    B. Writing utensils (only blue or black pen or typed work will be accepted for assignments which are collected)

    C. Textbook - MUST BE COVERED AND HAVE NAME ON IT! (Leave at home)



    II. Written assignments:

    A. Daily homework assignments can be checked at: http://wappingersschools.org/domain/948

    B. All work will be handed in on the date due with a grade deduction of 5 points for each day late.  More than 3 days = grade of 65.

    C. Absences: Students are expected to make up all missed class work as well as missed assignments. Please see me at the beginning of your first day back to find out what you missed. If you are going to be out for more than two days contact the guidance office for your assignments. If you have Internet access you can also check the web page:

    D. Notebook checks may be done periodically

    E. Headings: all assignments to be handed in must have the proper heading:

    NAME             ASSIGNMENT

    PERIOD          DATE


    F. The following is a list of possible videos which may be shown during the year:

    1. Various collections of History Channel and A&E documentaries

    2. The Century, America’s Time (ABC NEWS)

    3. Newsies

    4. All Quiet on the Western Front

    5. The Lost Battalion

    6. Cinderella Man

    7. Swing Kids

    8. Hidden in Silence

    9. Escape from Sobibor

    10. Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

    11. Forrest Gump

    12. America, Story of Us

    13. The President’s




    III. Grading:


    A. All tests, essays, and projects = 40%

    B. Homework = 10%

    C. Quizzes, Class work = 50%



    IV. Rules for classroom:


    1. There will be no loud outbursts or use of foul language in the classroom (Referral)

    2. You are to remain in your seat throughout the entire class period. Raise your hand to ask for a bathroom pass or to sharpen your pencil. Throw away garbage at the beginning or end of class, not during class.

    3. You are to be on time to class. Three lates is a warning and phone call to parents. Fourth late is a referral. (As indicated in Student Behavior Conduct Manual)

    4. Do not write on the classroom desks.

    5. Remain silent while I am speaking, or any of your classmates are speaking. This is a way of showing respect for one another.

    6. Please think ahead for bathroom time: don’t abuse the privilege.


    V. After school help or detention:


    A. After school help will take place as needed.

    B. If any student chooses not to complete three or more homeworks or creates a classroom disturbance within any marking period, he/she will receive an after school detention.

    C. If a student chooses not to attend detention, such student is insubordinate and a referral will be issued to that student and said referral will be submitted to the Assistant Principal’s office.


    **I CAN BE CONTACTED AT SCHOOL DURING SCHOOL HOURS. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS PLEASE CALL 227-1700, ext.20131 or   e-mail me @ joseph.testa@wcsdny.org