• Thank you for your support of our efforts to maintain the Van Wyck mobile resources.

    Please read these guidelines before using a laptop cart.
    • Laptops are not to leave the building; they are not for home usage.
    • Laptops are not to be used by a short-term substitute teacher without Computer TA present or unless with the permission of a building administrator.
    • There is a 5 day maximum sign out period.
    • All requests for the following month must be by the 15th of the current month. 
    • Please download, read and keep for your records Laptop Sign out.

    Use in Class:

    • In order to encourage proper handling of laptops, they must be assigned to specific students or groups when used in class.
    • Keep a record of which student has which laptop on your roster.
    • Laptops are to be returned to the appropriate slot and plugged in. Remember to shut down the laptops before placing then into the slots.
    • Carts are to be locked when the teacher is not in the classroom.
    • During a fire drill, the following procedure is recommended:
      • Students close laptops as they leave their desks.
      • Teacher is the last one to leave the room.
      • Teacher locks classroom door.
    • Only teachers may move carts. No students should ever move the carts.
    • Report laptop problems or damage to Maria Sarhadi in the computer lab at x-20050.