• Resource Room 

    Teacher: Ms. Kelly Mead


    Email: Kelly.Mead@wcsdny.org Telephone: 227-1700 ext. 51015


    Course Objectives:

    1. To build skills based on student IEP goals and objectives.
    2. To increase student ability and confidence in core academic areas.
    3. To support student mastery of the NYS standards.
    4. To develop or enhance a system of organization and self-discipline.


    Supplies Needed:

    1. Pencil/Pen
    2. Student Planner
    3. Folder with pockets (to be left in room)
    4. Notebook (to be left in room)
    5. *A novel of the student’s choosing for Independent Reading.*


    Class Expectations:

    1. Give your best effort.
    2. Be on time and prepared to work. Always have a pencil/pen with you.
    3. Be courteous and respectful at all times. No putdowns!
    4. Stay on task throughout the class.



    1. Warning / Teacher- Student Conference
    2. Lunch detention with Ms. Mead
    3. Phone call home
    4. Referral (last resort)
    5. A safety violation will result in an automatic referral.



    Numerical grades will not be awarded for Resource Room students. Comments reflecting effort and participation will be noted on progress reports and report cards. Parents will also receive an IEP progress report each quarter that will contain evaluations of student IEP goals. 



    There will be no homework assigned in Resource Room; however, students will have regularly assigned homework given by their team teachers. It is very important that students try every homework assignment and make corrections as needed. I will commit a small portion of class to supporting students with any questions regarding assignments.


    Contact Information:

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. E-mail correspondence is preferable. I check my e-mail several times throughout the day.