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    Welcome back!  Hope this letter finds everyone happy and healthy during this very difficult time.  Please feel free to email me at any time.  I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.  I will be available during the hours of 8:00-3:00, and will not respond after 7:30pm. 

    Many of you have joined Google Classroom already- thank you!  If you have not, please join ASAP, using the join code queywxt

    The expectation is that you will all be active in Google Classroom starting Friday, April 3rd.

    Every Monday, you will receive assigned work for the week.  The work must either be submitted via Google Classroom- you can create a Google Doc and turn it in under assignments- or emailed to me at patricia.glancey@wcsdny.org. Please include your name, your class period (6 or 8), and the title of the assignment. 

    *This Friday (4/3) is the due date for Review topics 6 & 7.  These topics (Ecology and Human Impact) were what we were working on in class before we left.  You should also submit any work that you owed before we left.

    Over the next few weeks, there will be various resources used for you to continue your learning.  There will be assignments from the review book, assignments from the textbook, online videos with questions to answer, online activities/labs, and more.  We will start simple and incorporate new activities as we all become familiar with learning from home.

    See you in Google Classroom :)

    Mrs. Glancey

    1) Human Impact on Ecosystems - see link below  Due April 3rd
    2) Ecology- see link below Due April 3rd
    Due April 10th:
    3) Genetics- see link below
    4) Reproduction & Development- see link below
    You may upload a Google Doc with the definitions and answers to the multiple choice questions on Google Classroom, OR you may take pictures of your answers and email them to me.  
    I miss you guys already!  Please email me anytime you want :) 
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  • Human Impact on Ecosystems

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  • Ecology

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  • Genetics

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  • Reproduction & Development

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     An archive of past Regents exams
    Regents Review Materials


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