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    Welcome back!  Hope this letter finds everyone happy and healthy during this very difficult time.  Please feel free to email me at any time.  I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.  I will be available during the hours of 8:00-3:00, and will not respond after 7:30pm. 

    Thank you for all joining Google Classroom!  Thank you to the students who have been posting, commenting, and turning in assignments.  The expectation is that everyone will be active in Google Classroom beginning Friday, April 3rd.

    *This Friday (4/3) is the due date for all work that was previously assigned.  This includes missing assignments (this is the LAST day I will accept late work), any Biodiversity Presentations that I have not received yet (they will be late after Friday), and the last journal for the quarter (I have enjoyed reading the entries I have received so far!).

    * This Monday (4/6) we begin new material and there will be an exam on the Biodiversity chapters.  The material for the end of the course includes the units of Ecology and Body Systems (Plant & Animal).  We will start simple and incorporate new activities as we all become more familiar with learning from home.

    * Reminder that you need a 70 (C) or above to receive the 4 credits from Dutchess Community College for Biology 106.  You also need to complete the work required in a timely manner to meet the DCC Learning Objectives.

    * The format for the AP Biology exam has changed.  It will be a 45 minute, free response questions only exam to take online at home. 

    * Information about the new exam format as well as links to online review classes offered by Collegeboard are available on Google Classroom.

    I highly recommend that you watch them, since they are being offered by the same people who offer the AP exam!

    See you all in class :)


    This is also a great time to work on the AP Test Review packet I gave you (links below), use the practice material on the Collegeboard website, or online shop for a Review book (any publisher.)  


    Miss you ALL already :)






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  • Enduring Understandings Circle Map Packet

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  • Science Practices Circle Map Packet

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  • Lab Review Circle Map Packet

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  • Ecology Outlines

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  • Bio Journal

    Due 2/20, 3/26, 4/30, 6/4

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