• 12/16  Test on Friday Civil War to Reconstruction
    10/27  Executive branch powerpoint (see below)  Students were assigned all wksts in packet to complete.
    10/26 PPT legislative branch ppt.  Students beganexecutive branch packer10/22 HW Roles of President WKST                                                                                                                                                          10/19 Class work:  Students completed Principles of the Constitution WKST.  Started basic Constitutional Principles PPT (see below), Limits on Fed. Govt Power: 3 branches:Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Checks and Balances, Federalism**, Delegated Powers= Federal govt., Reserved powers= States,  Amending Constitution requires 2/3 Congress= 3/4 of the states, National Govt superior to state govt, Separation of Powers: Sectionalism, Federalist, Anti-federalist, Ratification of the Constitution= Bill of Rights, Amendment = change amendments, Constitution is a "Bundle of Compromises", Comparison of Articles v Constitution, (see Slide).
    10/16 Constitutional vocab sheet given test on Weds!! Make flashcards and receive 10 points extra credit.
    10/15  We the people worksheet due
    10/8 Constitution scavenger hunt due We the people work sheet assigned.
    10/7  Constitution scavenger hunt
    10/6 Roots of the Constitution assigned
    10/5 Articles of ConfederationKey topics:Articles of Confederation Weak!!! No Executive to enforce laws, no Judicial Branch,  no power to tax, no national currency, States had more power than the Federal Government, fear of strong national/federal govt, Positives:  Negotiated Treaty of Paris, Land Ordinances, system for admitting new states to the union. Shay's Rebellion proved change was necessary (no army), No Trade.
    10/2 Test on Colonial period
    9/29 Finished video and handed in Rebels video wkst.  Continued notes: Salutary Neglect,Proclamation of 1763, Mercantilism, Raw materials/resources, theme resistance leads to rebellion.  Events leading to war: Sugar act, Stamp act, Townsend Act/Intolerable Acts, Boston Massacre, Tea Act, "No taxation without representation", John Adams, Sons of Liberty,Boston Tea Party, First Continental Congress 1774 (Philly), "Give me liberty or give me death!"-Patrick Henry
    9/28 Continued Road to Revolution ppt. (See below)  13 Colonies, mercantilism, triangular trade, Middle Passage, Britain and France battle for New World, 1607- 1763  Salutary Neglect,French and Indian War 1754-1763 French/Indians vs. British, Colonists looking to expand passed Appalachian mountains, George Washington, Major War Debt requires larger taxes.
    9/24  Pretest in class.  Students handed in Native Americans and Africans from packet.  Vocabulary test tomorrow on Colonial Vocabulary (students receive 10 extra points if they make flash cards)
    9/21Story of Us Video Sheet : Rebels due Tues 9/22
     HW The Colonists Worksheet from Packet.
    Vocabulary quiz Thursday 9/24 Colonial Vocabulary.  
    Study and make flashcards  vocab for Thursday's vocab quiz. 
    9/17 Thirteen Colonies notes: 13 colonies ppt HW The Colonial Experience WKST
    Colonies to Independence Vocab sheet distributed.  *If students make flashcards they receive extra credit on vocab quiz. Vocab Quiz Friday 9/17
     9/14 Map Activity in class Physical/political map quiz Friday 18th Map Quiz
    George Washington 10/23