Van Wyck JHS PTA®



    Carry the New York State PTA Membership Card.
    Did you know not only parents, teachers, staff and students can be members of the PTA, but grandparents, brothers and sisters, community members, firefighters, clergy, pediatricians, dance instructors, sports coaches, music instructors, Board of Ed Trustees, and even politicians?   Anyone can be a member of the PTA.  You can be a PTA member in more than one school at the same time.  So please fill out the attached PTA membership form and return it to school with your membership fee of $10.00/single membership.  Did you know your donation is also tax deductible?  Your membership card has up to $300.00 in discounts and savings on retail products and services throughout the year.  PTA members receive discounts at a number of national retailers like Staples (10% off supplies) and Hertz Rental Cars (up to 20% off).  Senior family members can also join PTA and receive a 15% discount on their AARP membership.  Visit http://www.pta.org/members/ to read more.

    This year the Van Wyck PTA Membership Committee is attempting to reach three goals as set by the New York State PTA:

    1. Building a Better Community Award --To increase its membership by 10%       
    2. Men Matter Award --To increase the male membership equaling 30% of its members
    3. School Pride Award --Reaching 75% of all full-time school employees as members

    Be a part of the Van Wyck PTA.  Show your support for the students and staff.  PTA membership is state, federal and local levels for as little as $8.00.  It entitles you to a vote.

    Remember all Committee Chairs MUST be a paid member.  The PTA is not just about baking cupcakes (although we do that too).  We support our students, teachers and community throughout the year.

    The NYS PTA - "Every Child, One Voice.”

    If you have any questions, you can reach me at membership.vanwyck@gmail.com


    Rosemarie Cummings

    Membership Committee Chair