•  Kahn Academy is a highly respected series of web-based tutorials covering virtually any subject imaginable. I have created direct links to those tutorials that I feel will be most helpful to you as a physics student.
    Introduction to Waves - This tutorial covers the basic wave definition, including wave pulses versus periodic waves, and the differences between transverse and longitudinal waves.
    Introduction to Waves - This tutorial covers basic parts of periodic waves, frequency, period, wavelength and velocity
    The Doppler Effect  - This tutorial covers the Doppler Effect as it pertains to sound waves.
    The Doppler Effect -  This tutorial covers a mathematical derivation for the Doppler Effect.
     Scalars and Vectors - This tutorial introduces you to some basics on vectors and scalars such as displacement and distance, and velocity and speed. You will also be presented with a new term called magnitude.
    Speed and Velocity - This tutorial shows you how to determine speed and velocity. Dimensional analysis is also covered. Note: don't be confused by the symbols used for speed (r for rate) and displacement (s).
    Finding Time - This tutorial teaches you how to algebraically manipulate variables to find time. 
    Finding Distance and Displacement - This tutorial consists of another manipulation of the same formula as seen in the last two tutorials. 
    Acceleration - This tutorial covers the basic concept of acceleration.
    Acceleration of Fighter Aircraft - This tutorial covers acceleration using the metric system and a derivation when only displacement, initial and final velocities are known. Discussion of g is also injected into this tutorial in a nice manner.
     Area under a Velocity vs. Time Curve - This tutorial explains how the area under a velocity vs. time curve is equivalent to distance.