• Week 6 (10/11/22):

    Regents: This week we will continue on in our rational numbers unit and begin subtracting rational numbers.  This whole unit is a culmination of all the rules and work that they have done thus far in mathematics, building on skills started in elementary school.  When students are doing their work in class, we encourage them to constantly refer to their notes, and they should be doing the same as they do their homework.  Fractions and decimals can seem daunting when negative numbers are mixed in, but as long as students follow the proper steps to complete the problems, it will just come down to them performing the operations the correct way.

    Honors: We move into our 3rd chapter this week and it is one that sets the building blocks for the next handful of years, alegebaically.  Students will begin to work with variables, and using many of the skills from the first month of 7th grade to solve equations.  Student will be allowed to use calculators from here on out in class, and they may also use them when they are doing their homework.  There will be a shortquiz next week, on the introduction to this new concept.


    Week 5 (10/3/22):

    Regents: This week we will be wrapping up our introduction to our rational numbers unit where students are converting between fractions and decimals as well as comparing and ordering rational numbers in different forms.  We will move into adding rational numbers on Tuesday.  There will be a short quiz Friday 10/7. 

    Honors: This week we will finish subtracting and then move onto multiplying and dividing rational numbers.  We will follow many of the same rules from the integers unit with a focus on polarity of solutions and application to real life.  The test on chapter 2 has been moved to Wednesday 10/11.

    Week 4 (9/27/22):

    Regents: We will wrap up multiplying and dividing integers on Tuesday, then Review chapter 1. There will be a test on Thursday this week on the integers and all their operations. Friday we will do a quick introduction to the rational numbers unit.

    Honors: We will move onto adding, and subtracting fractions and decimals - working with both positive and negative rational numbers.  Word Problems and real life application will be emphasized in all assignments and activities.

    iReady testing will take place on Friday for ELA

    Week 1-3: 

    Regents: Students have learned about integers and all of their operations.  Our first chapter test is scheduled for 9/30.  It will consist of absolute value, integer operations and word problems

    Honors: Students had their first test this week on chapter 1 (integers).  Moving into chapter 2 we will be learning about rational numbers and then repeating the operations with those rational numbers.  Our second chapter test is tentatively scheduled for October 7th.


    **Please check google classroom for a digital copy of all notes and assignments**