• Name: Mr. Foxhall
    Subject:English  Language and Composition AP11
    Phone:845 298 5100 ext. 158

    An UPDATED Letter to All My Students re: online Work

    Hello all you wonderful students! If there are any changes in the schedule due to the coronavirus outbreak, I will communicate all assignments and lessons to you through this calendar. 

    As of 3/27/2020, it looks as though online classes will not begin until Friday, April 3rd. That means that Day 1 of our essay marathon will be April 3rd as well.

    My calendar reflects this change.


    If there is any problem with this technology for you, it is your responsibility to communicate that to me by email ASAP. I will do everything I can to accomodate your needs, but I expect you to contact me, and I expect you to keep up with the work.

    OK. I'm going to keep all of this as simple as possible. Check in on my calendar every day. There you will receive assignments and instructions. 

    As I also informed you on Friday, this first week is already set up since we are doing the essay marathon. HOWEVER, THERE ARE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE IMPORTANT CHANGES:

    1. Marathon week will now begin on Friday, April 3rd. For now, take your Spring Break.

    2. If we are learning from home, you must type your essays. Share them as a Google doc. Make sure you are allowing me to edit them.

    3. You are more than welcome to email me with questions. I will begin an FAQ on my calendar. If a question you sent has been answered on the calendar, I will respond with the single word "calendar" (meaning on the calendar day of that particular assignment). If the question has already been added to the FAQ, I will respond "FAQ". If the FAQ gets long, ctrl + F is your best friend.

    I'll be in touch soon! Stay safe


    M. Foxhall

    Welcome Message: Homework Homework can be found embedded in the calendar. Click Calendar. Click on the day. Click on the word Homework.

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