• Extra Help

     For live extra help:
    1)   I am available most Tuesdays after school until 3:15 for extra help. If there is a change in day for any reason, it will be posted on this website on my homepage and in the classroom.
    2)  I am also available everyday per 2 during hall duty outside room 240. 
    3)  The learning center is available Wednesday afternoons.  There are peer tutors available to help free of charge.  Please see Mr. Cunningham to sign up and for any questions.
    4)  Community Extra Help - Wednesday eve 7-8, Van Wyck Jr. High
    For On-line Video Extra Help:
    5)   emathinstruction.com/common-core-geometry
    6)  Khanacademy.org  
    7) flippedmath.com
    8) mathopenref.com
    For Website Extra Help:
    9) Mathbits.com
    (Use the free Geometry link - no need to pay for the other one!  It is the 2nd long rectangular box) 
    10) Regentsprep.org