• September 8, 2020

    Dear Students, Parents & Guardians:

    As we prepare to "come back together" this week I want to assure you that I plan to keep things as stress free and simple as possible when it comes to Health class.   We are in this together.

    Students, please make sure to join the google class for your period.  Most of you have. This is where I will be doing everything. Codes are below.  

    Google Class Codes for Students

    Period 1 - class code: fk7kdhb

    Period 3 - class code: j7gk2z6

    Period 5 - class code: jfcgx65

    Period 7 - class code: inipejm

    Period 8 - class code:  5hrgwfc

    I appreciate your patience with me and I look forward to supporting you in this difficult time.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or problems. I understand the different needs of you and your families and will make every effort to make this remote instruction as meaningful and as smooth as I can.


    Ms. Meyer