• Add/Drop a Course

    WCSD Board Policy - Adding a Course - A student may add a course to their
    schedules during the first TEN school days of each semester ONLY.

    Dropping a Course - A full year course may be dropped up to the 15th week of
    the course. A half year course may be dropped up until the 7th week of a

    After the 15th week of a full year course or the 7th week of a semester
    course, a student will be required to complete the course and the grade
    earned will appear on the student's academic record.

    If a student is removed from a course by school administrators after the
    first marking period of the course, the course will remain on the student's
    academic record accompanied by a designation of "DP" (withdrawal/drop with a
    passing grade) or "DF" (withdrawal/drop with a failing grade). No student
    may drop or add a course without a parent signature.

    Drop a course forms are available in the Guidance Office.


    For Schedule Changes, Please Click HERE and Fill Out The Form