• June 20, 2021

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    As we move into the last official week of school, I want to remind parents of the following:


    • Moving Up Final Details (June 22, 23, and 24 (Rain Date);

    Please remember to be on time for your scheduled appointment. The entire ceremony is carefully synchronized with activities both inside and outside the school. We will also post a separate virtual ceremony after the live ceremony where several congratulatory speeches by BOE President John Lumia, Superintendent Dwight Bonk, John Jay Principal David Kedzielawa,  and advisors Mrs. Cuadrado and Mr. Nick Parlapiana will be shared with our community.

    • Personalize Decorations (Banners and Poster)

    Parents who wish to personally decorate the school with banners and posters they purchased or made can come tomorrow, June 21, between the hours of 2-5 pm. Following the ceremonies, please remember to pick up your banners and posters from where you placed them. The school will not be able to collect and inventory these items for a later pickup. 


    • Half-Day Bell Schedules for Remote, Hybrid, and Full-Day Students 

    Tuesday, June 22, 2021


    1- 7:30-8:12 (Attendance/Pledge)

    2- 8:15-8:57

    3- 9:00-9:42

    4- 9:45-10:25 (Dismissal at approximately 10:25)

    Wednesday, June 23, 2021 (Remote)


    5-  7:30-8:02

    6-  8:05-8:37

    7-  8:40-9:12

    8-  9:15-9:47

    9-  9:47-10:25 (Dismissal at approximately 10:25)

    June 24, 2021 


    1- 7:30-7:47                                 6- 9:10-9:27

    2- 7:50-8:07                                 7- 9:30-9:47

    3- 8:10-8:27                                 8- 9:50-10:07

    4- 8:30-8:47                                 9- 10:10-10:30(Dismissal at approximately 10:25)

    5- 8:50-9:07                                


    • Cell Phones During  Regents Exam

    Students taking Regents exams in Algebra I and Earth Science are reminded that cell phones and certain other types of electronic devices are NOT permitted in testing sites. Students run the risk of having their tests invalidated if caught using cell phones during the exam. Test proctors, test monitors, and school officials, shall retain the right to collect and hold any prohibited electronic devices prior to the start of the test administration.


    • PTA Staff Luncheon

    On behalf of faculty, staff, and administration, I would like to thank the executive committee of the PTA and members at large for a wonderful staff luncheon. The food was absolutely delicious! Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. 


    • Monday, June 21, is Day 5. 

    I hope our families had a Happy Father’s DAY!

    Sincerely yours,

    Dr. Steven H. Shuchat