• Resource Room Syllabus



    Resource Room (Period 1,3,4,6 and 7)


    Mrs. Sampson




    Special Education Department


    897-6700 Ext 30090


    Purpose of Resource Room

    Resource Room is not a study hall and individual goals will be met. Some goals relate to homework whereas others do not. Additional assignments to meet these annual goals will be given.  There will be times when work can be completed.  However, this should not be expected.  Students should feel free to seek assistance when they need help on assignments.  We will usually leave time for students so seek help on their curriculum studies that they are struggling with.


    In addition to addressing annual review goals, we will work on career and transition goals.  We will address possible career paths, education needed to achieve each student’s career goals, and what each student needs to do to prepare (in the present and future) for the world after high school graduation.


    Teachers will be contacted every 5 weeks and their reports will be discussed with the students, and if necessary, the parents. Contact us if you are having any problems with your general education teachers.


    Grades will be given on a pass/fail basis. 10 week progress reports, on goals, will be evaluated and sent home.


    Please read the following rules and expectations for this class, since you will be held accountable.


    1. Be on time and prepared.
    2. Respect the rights and dignity of others
    3. Always do your best
    4. Ask for help when needed
    5. All school rules, from the Code of Conduct apply to Resource Room.
    6. NO CELL PHONES, unless given specific permission
    7. Texting is not permitted, even to your parents.


    Misbehaving, excessive talking, excessive lateness without a pass or being rude will result in a phone call home and will result in lunch detention. If you do not have lunch, another consequence will be given.

    1. 1st offense is a warning
    2. 2nd offense will be a phone call home and possibly a referral.


    3 times tardy for class = 1 lunch detention



    A student who is absent on a regular basis will not do well in any of their classes and fully utilize the Resource Room to help them master their goals.  While assignments and notes can be given to a student, instruction and interaction in each class cannot be recreated.


    If as student is absent:

    Call guidance by 7:15AM and request work to be sent home with another student or a parent can pick it up at 2:00PM.


    *All students are encouraged to use a planner to keep assignments in order.  

    *If missing homework becomes an issue then it will become mandatory.

    *We are looking forward to a great and successful school year.


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