• 9th Grade Band

    Homework Assignments



     9th grade band 

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    Goolge Classroom: kl7n33x


     Any students who require help completing an assignment should email me and we will set up a time to talk so I can help provide the necessary instruction for you to be successful.


      Continue to work on your circle of fourths scales


    Continue to practice your band music:

    Canto, Last Ride of the Pony Express, Allied Honor, Aladdin,

    Our Yesterdays Lengthen Like Shadows, and Overture for Winds


    9th Grade Band Flutes:  You should continue to work on the exercises in your Eb Flat major packet.


    9th Grade Band Clarinets:  Practice the scales in your packets, Langenus tonguing exercise, and #2 on page 28


    9th Grade Band Saxophones:  Practice your Long tones with vibrato, practice daily exercise #2 


    Concert Band Brass and Percussion should check Mr. Holod's website for practice information