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     Mrs. Manzo & Mrs. Caparco                                                    Team Living Environment - Biology Regents

    Contact: shannon.manzo@wcsdny.org                                Course Number:  S441    Credits:  1.00   Rank Weight:  1.00

    Contact: jamie.caparco@wcsdny.org                                             Prerequisites:  Completion of Science 8R & Math 8R

    Office Number:  (845)298-5100 ext. 31069 (Manzo)                      Textbook:  Biology NYS Prentice Hall

    Office Number:  (845)298-5100 ext. 31047 or 31055 (Caparco)                                           

    Classroom:  262                                                                                        

    The Living Environment is a New York State Regents course that requires extensive study time in the classroom, laboratory, and at home.  Learning will take place both individually and in cooperative classroom environment, with an emphasis placed on performance and problem solving techniques.

     Course Goals & Objectives:

    1. To learn, at a basic level, about living systems.
    2. To prepare for the Regents Exam in the Living Environment.
    3. To develop or enhance a good system of organization and self-discipline.
    4. To develop or enhance good listening skills through a note-taking system.
    5. To develop or enhance good reading and study techniques.
    6. To improve writing and interpretive skills through laboratory processes.


         All work (tests, quizzes, homework, lab reports & class participation) will be assigned points based on the amount of work required to complete each assignment. 


    Evaluation:  Students will be evaluated each quarter through various means:

        Student Class Performance     Quizzes & Tests           Homework Assignments      Laboratory Reports      

        Extra Credit Project
    Final Course Grade:

              First Marking Period = 25%         Second Marking Period = 25%        Third Marking Period = 25%

              Fourth Marking Period = 25%      

    Lab Requirements:

    New York State Regents dictates that any student not completing the required number of labs will be barred from the Regents exam in June, resulting in a zero for the final exam.  All lab work must be completed by the student each quarter, if not completed the student may then receive a failing quarter grade. If the student does not make up the missing lab work by the end of the school year, he/she will be barred from the regents exam.   Students that are failing by the end of the second marking period, due to lab work not being done on time, will  need to make up any missing labs before the end of the school year inorder to be eligible to take the regents exam.  If this occurs, consultation with guidance counselors, parents, teachers, and the district Science Coordinator must take place to consider the proper course of action.  Simply put, the completion of lab work is not optional; it is the essential learning mechanism for this course.  Note: All labs missed due to absences are to be made up within one week of the return to school.



    Homework will be assigned frequently.  A folder will be designated to turn in assignments.  The assignments are to be turned into the folder the day they are due.  Late homework assignments will not be accepted, unless they are due to absence, which then must be made up within a few days of return to class.



    Student Requirements:

    • Attendance is mandatory (9 periods per 6 day cycle) - any work missed due to absence is the student’s responsibility.  The student is expected to make up all work missed during a legal absence within the same number of days (after her/his return) as the absence period.  Any work not made up results in a zero.
    • The student must be on time and prepared for all classes and labs.
    • A student may not be absent from class for guidance, library, appointments with other teachers or social workers, etc. - this will be considered a cut from Biology class.
    • Each student should have a separate 3 ring loose-leaf notebook for Biology to keep notes, homework and handouts. 
    • The student must bring a 3 ring loose-leaf notebook and/or spiral notebook, pen or pencil to class each day!
    • It is recommended that each student spend 20-30 minutes per evening in a conscientious manner studying Biology.  This time may include rewriting notes, writing labs, reading the text, completing student worksheets, writing vocabulary terms, self quizzes, etc.
    • The student is expected to be courteous and respectful of the teacher and your classmates at all times.  Being respectful includes:
        • No foul language.
        •  If you have a comment or question, raise your hand and wait to be recognized.
        • One person talks at a time.  Please listen carefully to what is being said by both the teacher and your fellow students.
        • Be in your seat when the bell rings at the start of class and at the end of class - I will dismiss you.


     We will be working within the confines of a cooperative learning classroom and mature, responsible behavior is expected at all times.  Students will COOPERATE if they wish to remain in the classroom setting.  Certain labs require the use of sharp objects and/or chemicals.  Hence, there is absolutely no tolerance given to horseplay or other immature behavior.


    Materials Needed Every Day:

    • Daily Planner
    • 3 Ring loose-leaf binder with paper and/or Spiral Notebook
    • Folder(s)
    • Pens or pencils


    We look forward to a fun and successful year of Biology,



    Mrs. Manzo and Mrs. Caparco


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