Welcome to the the 2020-2021 School Year! Before the first day of school, you will be sent a link to our virtual Google Classroom. 


    Ms. Amanda Reardon
    Studio-In-Art Ceramics, Ceramics II, Ceramics III, Portfolio Development in Ceramics
    Phone: (845) 298-5100 Ext. 31236
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    Ms. Reardon  
    Ceramics II and III 2011-2012
    REARDON Daily Schedule 2020-2021
    Period 1  Ceramics II Room 236
    Period 2  Ceramics III Room 236
    Period 3  Prep
    Period 4  Studio-In-Art Ceramics Room 236
    Period 5  Studio-In-Art Ceramics Room 236
    Period 6  Duty
    Period 7  Lunch
    Period 8  Studio In Art Ceramics Room 236