Classroom Expectations

    Be Respectful!!  Be Responsible!! Be Involved!!

    • Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class.  When the bell rings, students are to be in their seats with notebooks, homework, and pens or pencils out on their desk.
    • Students are to be polite, respectful and courteous at all times. Students must raise their hand, listen to the person speaking, and must always ask permission before leaving their seat. NO negative comments will be tolerated.
    • All work should be handed in on time.
    • Students are responsible to obtain any notes and assignments given while they were absent.
    • Students are responsible to check my website for up-to-date info on homework, extra credit, and other important announcements.
    • Actively participate in class discussions, debates and small group work with a good attitude.
    • All rules listed in the student handbook will be followed at all times.
    • Most importantly, help to create a safe learning environment and have fun!



    • An organized three ring binder, with paper and folder (binder with pocket folder will work).
    • Pens and pencils


    Grading Procedures

    -Tests (30%)

    -Classwork and Activity Center (20%)

    -Homework (20%)

    -Projects and Quizzes (30%)