• Peer mediation is a special opportunity to learn constructive ways of dealing with the 
    conflicts that students are faced with every day.  Mrs. Turpin-O, Mrs. Rooney and Ms. Murray picked 25- 4th-5th grade students that applied to become a peer mediator.   They wrote a letter about why they would be a good mediator.   

    What is MEDIATION:  Students have disagreements and it results in pushing, shoving and fighting.  Teasing and name calling result in pushing, shoving, and fighting. Teasing and name-calling are other ways that students may express anger and frustration. Peer mediators learn new ways to deal with conflicts so that no one gets hurt. They participate in a special training program where they learn and practice listening skills, problem solving, and negotiating skills. As the school year continues, peer mediators will help their classmates solve problems peacefully, under the supervision of Mrs. Turpin-Orgetas.  Form to fill out if you need help wth a classmate to solve the problem. 

    Bully Complaint Form
    Class Pledge
    Mediation Contract
    Safe Classroom

    We will be going to the Luthern Nursing home on Rt. 44 (past Adams) in December 2024 from 10:15-11:00 - Stay tuned for permission slips.
    One of the goals of the Oak Grove Peer Mediation Club is to reach out to the
    community and help those in need.  There is a severe shortage of blood in
    our area, and that 350 pints of blood are needed everyday.  Unfortunately,
    only 2% of the population donates blood. The Peer Mediation Club decided
    that they would like to help alleviate the blood shortage.   Our peer
    mediators made our
    blood drive was successful by escorting donors to the
    registration booth, to the canteen for
    juice and cookies, babysitting, and
    greeting at the main door. 

    Thank you for your support of our school and the New York Blood Center.


    WE broke last year's record of 102 pints of blood at our Annual Blood Drive to 109 this year.   Thank you to everyone that was a part of this success.

    Next blood drive, Thursday, November 2024- parent conference night 1-7 pm. 


    We are currently working on videos of the month, all ready to complete the Respect, Responsibility and No-bullying Videos.  The teachers show these videos during lunch monitor time to their students attached with a coloring sheet with the character trait.  

    Ten Virtues of Character Education at Oak Grove


    Ten Virtues of Character Education




    November-No Bullying






    May-Tolerance of Differences