• Vision Statement
    Our vision is to provide a stimulating learning environment where all stakeholders (students, staff, parents,and community members) are
    vested in a common goal of high personal standards by challenging
    themselves to work to their fullest potential, and demonstrate continuous growth.  We envision a school community that maintains a healthy school atmosphere which promotes and nurtures integrity, honesty, and respect amongst all parties.
    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to foster a safe and nurturing environment where
    each child can work to their fullest potential and become a lifelong
    learner. The Oak Grove team will work collaboratively with parents
    and the community to ensure academic and social success of each
    individual student, and maintain a challenging, yet healthy, level of
    expectations for all members of the school community. We will work
    diligently to assist students in developing skills to become
    independent thinkers and self-sufficient adults who can succeed
    and contribute in a global community.
Last Modified on May 10, 2019