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Mrs. Leveque's 2020-2021 Kindergarten

Hello Families, 
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  I am excited to be working with you and your child.  Please click the link below to access Google Classroom:

 Click Here to Join Mrs. Leveque's Kindergarten Google Classroom

Below you will find directions to sign into Google Classroom.  After the students have signed in for the first time, it will be easier and easier each time for them to do it.
Step 1: Go to the internet and open ¨¨
Step 2: In the upper right corner Click ¨sign in¨
Step 3: Enter username and password. 
All usernames are for example, mine would be     
Passwords are first name (with a capital) and your child's  lunch number or student ID.  For example, mine would be Laura1234567
**Please email if you do not have your child's ID handy. I can find it quick and easy for you.
Step 4: In the upper corner again, you should see your child´s first name initial in a colorful circle showing you they are signed in.  Next to the colorful circle is a grid with 9 little squares.  Please click on the 9 little square grid.
Step 5: Scroll down until you see a little icon of a green chalkboard called ¨Classroom¨  Please click on this icon.
Step 6: Step 6: Click on Our class that is called "Mrs. Leveque's Kindergarten 2020-20201.  You have now successfully signed in.  Once in the class, you will see at the top ¨Stream¨ and ¨Classwork¨ . The stream is where you will see messaged posted from me and classwork is where you will find assignments posted.