• Oak Grove Playground Booster Club
    This booster club is a non-profit organization that is run by the following administrators:
    Dawn Turpin-Orgetas- President
    Mrs. Rooney-Vice-President
    Marisa Schiavone-Secretary
    Kimberly Griggs-Treasurer
    The Oak Grove Playground Booster club was established in 2004, to build two new playgrounds.  The Oak Grove Elementary School community accomplished the build in 2007, with the help of former parent, Mrs. Elizabeth Merrill.  In 2010, we updated our Articles of Association to raise funds necessary to purchase and install playground equipment on the grounds of the Oak Grove Elementary School and to keep the school store and village work opportunities operating as well as to supply the necessary equipment the school needs to continue to provide our students with the best educational atmosphere possible. 

    Contact info: dawn.turpin@wcsdny.org