• We will be using pedometers and/ or fitbit watches in PE class during our 10-Day Walk Across America Challenge.  

    8th Year- 2017-Kinry wins with 57% of population turning in steps 11,271 miles, Oak had 35% turn in steps with total of 9,920. The class that turned in the most steps will receive an extra recess with Mrs. Turpin-Orgetas.
    7th Year-
    2016-7th year-Oak wins with 198 slips, 10,035 miles and Kinry 62 X 2 (less students) 124 slips, 9,068

    2015-6th year- Oak wins with 149 slips, 8,234 miles and Kinry 122 slips, 7,942 miles. 

    2014-5th year -Kinry wins with 121 slips, 8,015 miles and Oak Grove 113 slips, 7,079 miles. 

    2013-4th year-Oak Grove wins with 154 slips, 7700 miles and Kinry 80 slips, 5,600 miles.

    2012-3rd year - Oak Grove wins with 128 slips, 6,548 miles and Kinry 73 slips , 3,440 miles

    2011-2nd year -Kinry wins  with 196 slips, 9,554 miles and Oak 131 slips, 8,203 miles

    2010- 1st year Oak Grove wins with 7,107 miles  and Kinry 4,476 miles


    What the Healthy Steps Program did for our school

    1. Brought the school community together to achieve a common health goal.

    2. Increased students' math skills as they added up their daily miles.

    3. Allowed opportunity for classroom teachers to incorporate geography via the

    virtual hike, as students tracked their school's progress across North America.

    4. Increased energy levels of students and staff.

    5. Increased school spirit and teamwork.

    6. Encouraged walking as an excellent lifelong form of exercise.

    Keep Walking!


    QUESTIONS? 10-day walking challenge.

    We want to see how many steps we can walk from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed as a community.

    It would be hard to track how many miles we do if we don't have a pedometer, fit bit, and their are free application on ipod/phone - but if you don't it is OKAY- there are still many ways to participate in this challenge. We are trying to add up all of our miles and "WALK ACROSS AMERICA". Turn in your numbers at the end of the walking challenge. We will add up all the miles at the end of the walking challenge. If your son/daughter does not have a pedometer that converts to miles then they can add up total steps divided by 2,400 and that will give them miles. If your son/daughter does not have a pedometer it is okay- they can still participate- if you go for a family walk around the block and you know it is one mile then they can write one mile on the chart. Also during your child's recess he/she can walk around the playground area 15 times equals a mile in primary playground.  Intermediate playground 5 times around large field.

    Or your son or daughter's teachers may use their pedometer and walk to specials and back and give those children that number of steps so that all students at Oak Grove can participate in the Oak Grove 10-day walking challenge. (Say it took 120 steps to get from their classroom to Music or Art then all the students in your class would receive (20 students* 120 steps)=2,400 steps which would equal a class total of 1 mile. This way everyone could participate in the walking challenge. In gym class my students average a ½ mile to 1 mile using the Oak Grove pedometers- so if they do not have a pedometer they may borrow Oak Groves pedometers during gym class and could go to the classroom chart and write 1 mile next to their name. This way everyone in class can participate and be a part of the challenge.

    If you would like to purchase a pedometer they can be purchased at Wal-Mart $3.88, K-Mart, Dicks sporting good stores, Models, Target, and even the dollar tree).  I will have some to purchase for $2.00 during PE times or at the School Store. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions and let me know if this helps with any questions you may have.

    Shoe Tokens:

     updated: 1/2024