• Fitness Social

    At this time we do not have a planned Fitness Social Schedule
    The Oak Grove Playground Committee has sponsored three Fitness Socials and our goal was to
    connect parents, kids, and community members around issues of staying fit and healthy. Thank you
    to all of those families that joined us (each year over 100 participants) and over $2500 used
    towards playground funds.

    These events provided information and activities related to exercise and nutrition. The events
    included free advertisement booths in the cafeteria, educational information, organized
    fitness activities outside (depending on weather), gymnasium, library, and classrooms. We also could
    advertise your business in our program for only $15.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at dawn.turpin@wcsdny.org

    Our school community appreciated everything that the businesses provided for us to have had successful

    Example of what we would send to a business.

    Business Name _______________________________

    Name _______________________________

    Mailing Address _______________________________


    Telephone and Fax #__________________________

    Email Address ______________________________

    I would like to set up a booth space (FREE) YES NO

    I will provide informational materials to attendees YES NO

    I will hand out promotional items (pens, pencils, bags, etc) YES NO

    I would like to provide an activity YES NO
    Description of activity_________________________________

    I can provide raffle item(s) (to be given to Mrs. Turpin-O before
    the scheduled fitness social) YES NO

    I would like to advertise my business card in the program YES NO
    (please include business card with payment of $15 check made
    out to Oak Grove Playground Committee)