Frequently Asked Questions
    1. This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents. Scroll down to see the 
      answers to these questions.


    When are the concerts this year?

    See the concert information page for details. You can also check out the Gayhead School Calendar. 

    What are students learning in music?

    Click on the appropriate grade level on my home page to see the district 
    music outcomes.

    How early should children have music instruction?

    There is no such thing as too early. In the womb is a great time to start. Get
    your child involved in an early childhood music program before his/her first 
    birthday. Music is just like language - the earlier the child hears music, 
    the better rhythmic and pitch vocabulary your child will have. If you 
    would like more information about early childhood music classes please contact me.

    Where can I buy musical instruments, books, videos, CDs, and musical toys?

    There are several great websites/catalogs to purchase music products as well as local stores like 
    Alto Music (#2 below) & Paul Effman music (#4 below).
    1. https://www.musicmotion.com/  2. https://www.altomusic.com/  
    3. https://www.westmusic.com/
    4. https://ed.pemusic.com/   5. https://www.musicarts.com/

    How can I help my child in music if I didn't have a music education?

    Please call me or e-mail me if your child is frustrated with a subject we are 
    learning in music. I can teach you how to help your child even if you haven't 
    had a musical education. Most of the time children struggle with reading 
    music during the xylophone and recorder units. That is when we combine rhythm 
    and pitch. I can give you the basics to help your child become a fantastic 

    My child doesn't like singing. Is he/she going to fail music?

    No. Although, I would want to know why your child doesn't like to sing. Most 
    children sing from the day they can speak. Just listen to children on the 
    playground or when they are by themselves; often they will be singing. It is 
    a very natural way for children to express themselves. We do many things in 
    music (see outcomes). Singing is just one aspect of what we do. Ask your 
    child on a weekly basis what he/she is doing in music. I am sure that your child
    will have a lot to share with you. Ask your child to write you a rhythm or 
    sing you a song that he/she has learned.
    My child wants to learn how to play an instrument. 
    In general music, your child will learn how to play many
    different percussion instruments throughout 
    elementary school. In 4th grade, every child learns
    how to play the recorder. At the end of 4th grade,
    every child will have the opportunity to choose an instrument
    to play in the 5th grade band or orchestra.
    Information is sent home in the spring regarding sign ups.
    If your child had expressed interest in
    playing the piano or guitar, I can recommend many
    wonderful teachers. Please send me an e-mail and
    I will send  you back a list of all the teachers I recommend
     My child is very theatrical. Are there performing opportunities for my child?
    Standing Room Only Theater Company is located in Lagrange next to Arlington High School.
    They put on amazing theatrical performances for children in grades 3-8 and 9-adult. 
    Star2b Performing Arts puts on full productions for children during the school year and in the summer!
    Their studio is located right above Hopewell Hot Bagels. 
    Beacon Performing Arts also has wonderful programs for children. It's a little further away, but it's worth the drive.
    They also have summer programs. 
    Harmony Garden Music Center has music classes for children, private lessons and a children's choir.
    The owner, Rachel, is a former Gayhead student of mine. :) 
    Random Farms is also an incredible theater company for young children. It's in Elmsford, NY which is a bit of a drive.
    Something to keep in mind though, as they have wonderful summer camps.