• Name: Ms. McCusker
    Subject: Seventh Grade Art
    Email: cynthia.mccusker@wcsdny.org
    Phone: (845) 298-5200


    For the first few days of class, please be prepared with a pencil, an eraser (the one on the pencil is fine), and some blank paper or blank notecards. Any color paper is fine. 

    If possible, please purchase the following items. You can also just use a pencil and paper for ALL projects and that is OK :) All items below can be found at a local dollar store, but they are NOT REQUIRED.:

    -1 pencil
    -1 eraser
    -1 pencil sharpener
    -1 package of colored pencils (8 colors or more)
    -1 package of markers (8 colors or more - fine or bold tipped is OK)
    -1 black felt tip pen
    -a sketchbook or unlined notepad with blank sheets...or make your own with computer paper


    Welcome Message:
    Students will study twentieth century artists with a focus on Op Art. 
    Students will develop creative thinking and problem solving skills while designing 
    works of art with various media. Projects will be based on New York State Standards 
    and Wappingers Central School District Outcomes.

    My schedule:

    Period 1: Art 7
    Period 2: Grading Assignments and Project Planning
    Period 3: Art 7
    Period 4:
    Art 7
    Period 5: Study Hall
    Period 6: My Lunch, and Time to Rest & Heal
    Period 7: Art 7
    Period 8: Grading Assignments and Project Planning
    Period 9: Art 7