Pick-Up Procedures
    1. Upon student arrival, Student Pick up Form are to be given to the classroom teacher who will then send them to the office in a special envelope.

    2. The office will record the name of the child being picked up as well as the person who will be signing out the child on our pick up list.

    3. Teachers will also record the information on their “dismissal sheet” and use that information to dismiss their students.

    4. The primary wing entrance on our lower level is used for
    parent pick-ups at dismissal.
     Please refrain from picking up your children between 2:30 and 3:15 from the main office to ensure that the bus lane is clear and safe for our buses to pull in.

    5. Children will be dismissed from their classrooms at 3:00 p.m. to
    report to the lower level.

    6. No children will be picked up until 3:15 p.m from the pick up room

    7. Doors to the pick up area will open for adults at 3:15.  Parents  proceed to one of the sign out desks that correspond to your last name.
    *** Please have a drivers license or other picture ID ready.***

    8. Parents sign the child out.

    9. Desk staff member will radio into the assigned room the student will be called to the dismissal room  and turned over to the adult signing the child out.

    10. At 3:15 pm, remaining children will be brought upstairs.
    Parents will be contacted to establish the reason why the student has not been picked-up and they will remain in the Main Office until we have spoken to the guardian.
    Please keep in mind that our #1 priority is student safety and that parent support and patience is necessary to ensure that each child goes home with the proper adult.

    Half Day Dismissal


    On Half Days Students will be dismissed to the buses at 11:25.  Pick Ups will begin at 11:15.

    Thank you as always for your support!