• All children residing within Gayhead Elementary School boundaries are expected to ride their assigned bus to and from school each day.  There are times it may be necessary for you to transport your child.  At those times, please follow the procedures outlined below.  These procedures will provide a smooth and orderly arrival.  More importantly, they will help us provide a safer and more secure environment for your family members.

    Children may not be dropped off in the building prior to 8:25 a.m. as there is no supervision.  The buses arrive at 8:25 a.m. and unload at that time. Children being dropped off in the lower parking lot are to follow staff directions and established traffic patterns.  This is not the place nor time for long extended goodbyes as there are many children that need to enter the building rapidly and safely. Announcements begin at 8:30 a.m. which officially begins the day.

    Children arriving after 8:30 a.m. are considered tardy and must report to the office to sign in and obtain a tardy pass.  If the student does not sign in, the attendance cannot be changed from truant to tardy. The adult driving a tardy student(s) to school must come inside the building to our main office and sign in the child(ren).

    It is very important that children arrive on time as very important information is presented at the onset of the school day. Morning announcements are made and a tone is established for the day.  When children miss that routinely, they begin their day at a disadvantage.