Visit Mrs. Banda's Recorder Bitmoji Room to play along with Mrs. Banda and check out some wonderful recorder videos:


    Recorder bitmoji room




    Recorder Karate On-Line Practice

    Recorder Karate



    A fun way to practice at home is with background music.

    Recorder karaoke! If you have access to a computer, go to www.recorderDojo.com Click on Recorder Karate 1 (or 2 for some songs).


    The log in for Recorder Karate 1 is:


    Username – karate

    Password – rubric


    The log in for Recorder Karate 2 is:


    Username – karate2

    Password – blackb3lt





    Choose a song that you would like to practice and play along with the music!!


    Happy practicing!


    Musically yours,


    Mrs. Banda