• Click on the link below to print out the form. You can also see Mrs. Banda or Mrs. Amato for a hard copy. 

    NYSSMA 2024 form


    NYSSMA SOLO FESTIVAL Information Form- ZONE 10-South

    *For Students Taking Private Piano/Instrument/Voice Lessons & who are not in Band & Orchestra (5th and 6th grade band and orchestra students will sign up with Mr. Brainerd or Ms. Triola if they also want to do a piano or voice solo in addition to their instrument)


    Dear Families, 

    Every year students who study an instrument or voice, have the opportunity to perform a solo for an adjudicator for feedback on their technique. Preparing a solo and performing it at the festival is a major accomplishment to be proud of!  


    LOCATION: George Fischer Middle School,

    281 Fair Street

    Carmel NY, 10512


    DATES: Friday, April 19, & Saturday, April 20, 2024


    PLEASE NOTE: ONLY STUDENTS WHO HAVE A PRIVATE PIANO, INSTRUMENT AND/OR VOICE TEACHER MAY SIGN UP FOR NYSSMA SOLOS. It is your private teacher’s responsibility to select and help you prepare an appropriate solo. 


    **Orchestra and band students performing a NYSSMA solo on their instrument should register for all NYSSMA solos (including voice and piano) with Ms. Triola/Mr. Brainerd.  Please see them for their sign up sheet.**


    Important Information

    • Transportation to and from the festival is your responsibility, the district does not provide this. 

    • Arrive 45 minutes before your performance time to park and find your audition room.

    • PIANOS:  Acoustic pianos are provided in all piano adjudication rooms

    • MANUAL:  The NYSSMA Manual was updated in July 2022.  Please refer to the updated manual when selecting your solo.  If you select a solo that is NOT in the manual you will receive only comments without a number score. 

    • Music: Only published music may be used.  Photocopies are not permitted.  

    • TIME:  You will select a preferred time, although NO TIME IS GUARANTEED.  



    Piano Solos Level 1-4: $22           Piano Solos Level 5-6: $30

    Instrumental/Vocal Solos Level 1-4: $16        Instrumental/Vocal Solos Level 5-6: $24



    FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2024 (No late forms will be accepted)


    If you have any questions, please e-mail us at shannon.banda@wcsdny.org  or meredith.amato@wcsdny.org,  or call Gayhead at 227-1756.


    Musically yours,

    Mrs. Shannon Banda & Mrs. Meredith Amato






    What is NYSSMA?

             NYSSMA stands for the New York State School Music Association.  It is made up of music educators throughout New York State.  “The purpose of the NYSSMA shall be to advance the course of music education and to promote appropriate projects and activities.”  (NYSSMA Constitution, article II)  This purpose is achieved in part through various festivals and conferences.



    What is a “solo festival?”

             Solo festivals are held yearly in each NYSSMA area or zone.  We are in Zone 10.  Students are required to play scales from memory, perform a prepared solo, and play music at first sight as correctly as possible.  Points are given in seven categories reflecting the accuracy of the performance.

             Solo and scale requirements are grouped by level of difficulty from I – VI.  Solos must be chosen from the current NYSSMA Manual published in 2022.

             Levels I-IV are scored on a 26-point scale and rated Outstanding, Excellent, Good and Needs Improvement. Levels V and VI are scored on a 100-point scale and rated A, B, C. 

             Participants in All-State and Area All-State performing ensembles are selected on the basis of high school students’ NYSSMA scores at the grade V and VI levels.  In order to be considered for these special ensembles, scores must be above 95.



    Who should participate in a NYSSMA Solo Festival?

             Criteria are set by individual teachers to ensure a positive learning experience for students.  Students who are serious about their instrumental lessons, study privately, and have made rapid progress are good candidates for such a festival.



    What should I expect at a Solo Festival?

             Participants perform for a music teacher with knowledge of their instrument, the “judge.”  Music teachers must be trained to adjudicate at NYSSMA festivals.  Participants play required scales, a prepared solo, and a short piece of music they have never seen before.  Level I – IV participants are given a maximum of 10 minutes to perform.  Participants at levels V and VI are given a maximum of 15 minutes.

    The “judge” writes comments and rates each student on the rating scale, as outlined above.  Participants receive a copy of the judge’s comments and rating from their school music teacher approximately 7-10 days after the festival. 



    (please return by Friday, March 1, 2024)


    Name _______________________________  Grade ______ Class Teacher/Room #:______________________


    Is your sibling performing a NYSSMA solo this year?_____ If yes, please list name(s): ____________________






    Private Teacher’s Name_______________________________________ Phone _________________________


    Private Teacher’s E-mail address _______________________________________________________________


    Accompanist’s full name (for voice)_____________________________________________________________


    Solo Title & Composer ____________________________________________NYSSMA Manual Page #: _______


    Solo Arranger (if applicable):_______________ Solo Book (if applicable):_______________________________


    Time:  (please circle all available times; star your preference):


    Friday, April 19th:  4-6 PM Saturday, April  20th: 9 AM-12 PM


    Friday, April  19th:  7-9 PM Saturday, April  20th: 1-4 PM


    Cost: Piano Level 1-4: $22/ Level 5-6: $30   &   Vocal/Inst. Levels 1-4: $16/ Level 5-6: $24

     **Checks made out to WCSD. Please put the check and form in an envelope marked with your child’s name.**





    Total for Check:



    I have read and understand the commitment required to attend NYSSMA Solo & Ensemble Festival:


    Student Signature: _________________________________


    I give my child permission to attend the NYSSMA Solo & Ensemble Festival and will provide transportation:


    Parent Signature: ____________________________________