• Classroom Expectations

    Mrs. Wilson’s Class Rules


    ~ I will be kind to myself and others. 

    ~ I will be respectful to myself, others and my school.

    ~ I will be responsible for my learning and my behavior. 

    ~ I will be safe. 

    ~I will listen and follow directions.

    ~I will always try my best. 

    Positive Consequences

    As students mature, rewards for positive behavior become less frequent, less immediate and less tangible; instead, students learn that positive behavior choices can earn verbal praise, special privileges, and sometimes rewards.

    In addition to verbal praise and acknowledgement, Bingo chips may be earned for consistently following rules, anywhere in the school. Students will then receive a class prize once they have earned a row of Bingo. Also, students who display the Virtue of the Month are rewarded with recognition from Mrs. Rooney.


    The children can earn individual, table and class rewards such as extra recess, stickers, pencils, special days (ice cream or pizza party, special treat), and classroom events (dance party, movie day, PJ day or craft party).

    Secret Student

    Everyday we will have a secret student of the day. At the end of the day, if the student was being responsible and respectful, they will get a certificate and caught being good. The whole class will get a lighting bug in the jar. Once the jar has 12 lighting bugs, the whole class will receive a small treat from Mrs. Wilson.