• Important Procedures



    You can access the Wappingers District website at www.wappingersschools.org. Then, click on ‘ Schools’, ‘Oak Grove’ and ‘Teachers’ to find the link to my website. On my website, you will find the Daily Homework Assignment, the class schedule, contact information, a supply list, and links to useful websites such as Scholastic Book Clubs. 


    Red Take Home Folders

    Please check your child’s red take home folder and have your child bring it back to school each day. All homework, notes and papers returned to school should be placed in the red folder. 

    Absences and Early Dismissals

    • Students will be responsible for all the work missed.

    • Please check the daily schedule when planning appointments.

    • Please send in a note for early dismissals, pick-ups, and absences.

    Library Books

    Please be sure to return library books each week on or before library class. Children are so disappointed when they cannot borrow a new book! It is best practice to keep library  books in your child’s book bag at home.


    Book Orders

    Scholastic book flyers will be sent home throughout the year.  Please note that the Guided Reading Level (GRL) is often noted, and generally, levels I through M correspond to grade two. If you would like to order books, please follow the link on my website for Scholastic Book Clubs and order online using the class code. 



    • Daily homework is direct practice of strategies and skills taught in class.  It is expected that students will complete homework nightly.  While homework is not graded, it will affect a student’s growth in each assessed standard.

    • Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.

    • Homework may include problems similar to what we did in class, or review problems.

    • If your child does not have mastery of their addition and subtraction facts, please be sure they practice them at home a few times a week.

    • Students will always be told about a unit test and given a study guide or review activity to assist in studying.  Quizzes occur more frequently and will not always be announced in advance.

    The homework assigned each week is usually:

    • Spelling: A fundations packet will be given every Monday or the first day of the school week. Students should practice the weekly spelling words, as there will be a spelling/phonics check-up or unit test on Fridays.  There are supplementary activities which support and practice lessons taught in class to be used at your discretion. 

    • Math: There will usually be one sheet assigned each day, Monday through Thursday, which is to be returned the following school day. Please practice math facts to 20.

    • Reading: Your child should read or be read to at home for at least 20 minutes a day (Monday-Thursday). 


    • Please send in one small snack daily and a water bottle.  

    • Sharing snacks is not allowed. 

    • If your child has a snack that requires a spoon or fork, please provide one. 

    • We have snacks from 2:20-2:30 p.m.


    • Children’s lunch account checks should be sent  in an envelope with your child’s name and school identification number on it if not paying online. 

    Birthday Celebrations

    • Please send in a note if you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school

    • Please send in individual treats for each student before 12:00 p.m. Students will be celebrating their birthdays at snack time.

    • We have 19 students in our class.

    • NO PEANUTS OR TREE NUTS ---We are a peanut/nut free classroom

    *Note: Students will not be allowed to travel the school to deliver treats to other teachers or staff. *


    • Children may not bring any medication (including cough drops and sunscreen) to school. 

    • All medication must be brought to school by parents or caregivers. 

    • Please call the school nurse if you have any questions. 


    • Please dress your child appropriately according to the weather in the event we go outside. 

    • Please refrain from sending children to school in flip-flops, open-toed sandals, and high heels, as they can be a safety hazard on the playground. 

    • Toys, cards, games, and electronics from home are not allowed. 

    • In addition to being a distraction, they can be broken, stolen or lost.

    Teacher Contact

    The best ways to get in contact with me are to send an e-mail or a Bloomz message.  I check my e-mail and Bloomz multiple times throughout the day. If you would like me to call you, please call the office and let me know the best time (and phone number) to contact you.  I usually return phone calls while the children are at special (1:35-2:15),  in the morning before school or afterschool.