Should I check my email daily during this remote time?

    Yes.  In fact I would check it more than once.  I will email often with feedback and questions.  Soemtimes my responses on Google classroom go to your email.


    How about if and when we start hybrid?  

    Yes.  Still check daily.


    Are the Packers awesome?

    Yes.  Yes they are.


    Is there only one Google Classroom that I am part of?

    No.  Mr. Nitz and I both have one.  All Math, SS, and Science will be in my classroom.  The other Google Classroom will be Mr. Nitz's.  This will have writing and reading.  You will also have a classroom for Art, one for P.E., and one for Music.  If you have AIS, you will most likely have one for that too.  So you may have 6 or 7 Google Classrooms that you will go into possibly daily.  I know you can do it.


    Will I have a set schedule?

    Yes you will.  I will push that out to your parents and this is the schedule you will be expected to follow each day.  This is school.  If we were going to have math at 9:30 at school we will be having math at 9:30 in this remote time.  I expect you to be in class at the appropriate times although I know there may be circumstances where this will be impossible.  


    Does Mr. Nurre like to sing?

    You betcha!