Google Classroom:

    • All of our lessons will be available in our Google Classrooms under the Classwork tab. 
    • The lessons will be organized by the date they are assigned. 
    • There may be multiple things listed per day, so make sure you do each item listed.
    • Check the “Due Dates” tab on the side of your screen to make sure you are getting your work done on time.

     Accessing the Google Classroom

    • In a web browser, type in “Google Classroom” and click the link.
    • Make sure you are signed into google with your WCSD account. 
    • Make sure to check each class, daily.


    • It is expected that you do 40 minutes each of ELA and Math i-Ready per week. You may split that time up however you like.  
    • If you have questions about iReady, please contact us.