• Hi parents and students!


    We hope that you are all well.  We wanted to let you know that we are all set to go live with our remote classes! We are excited to get back to teaching and learning!  


    Google Classroom:

    • All of our lessons will be available in our Google Classrooms under the Classwork tab. 
    • The lessons will be organized by the date they are assigned. 
    • There may be multiple things listed per day, so make sure you do each item listed.
    • Check the “Due Dates” tab on the side of your screen to make sure you are getting your work done on time.


    Accessing the Google Classroom

    • In a web browser, type in “Google Classroom” and click the link.
    • Make sure you are signed into google with your WCSD account. 
    • Make sure to check each class, daily.



    • It is expected that you do 40 minutes each of ELA and Math i-Ready per week. You may split that time up however you like.  
    • If you have questions about iReady, please contact us.


    “Office Hours”:

    • Due to the inherent difficulty of getting everybody online at the same time, we will not be having set office hour times.
    • Instead, we will be posting a Google Doc that everyone has access to, any time of day, to post questions. We will check in multiple times per day to answer questions. 
    • This document is for students only. If parents have questions, please email us directly.
    • The Google Doc will be linked in the “Classwork” tab, under “Office Hours” in each Google Classroom
    • Student expectations for office hours within the Google Doc
    • You will only ask questions. 
    • You will not edit anybody else’s questions.
    • You will respect everyone else’s questions.
    • Read the questions that were already asked so you don’t repeat them.


    Moving Forward:

    • You will get an “Attendance” assignment from each of us to complete today.  Please make sure it is submitted by 3:00 pm on Thursday so that we can make sure everyone is online and ready for Friday.
    • New lessons will begin on Friday and will be posted each morning going forward.
    • Continue to work on what was already sent home.
    • If you encounter any issues, please reach out to one of us. We are here to help.

    Remember, this is new to all of us. Troubles and road bumps are to be expected, and we ask that we approach these next few weeks with a positive and open mind. We can’t stress it enough, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will get through this together. 



    Mrs. Risley and Mr. MacElveen