• Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Please be advised that due to safety concerns, we are implementing new procedures in the following:

     1)  ARRIVAL - The main entrance door will be opened promptly at 8:25am for all students unloading from the buses.  Students who are driven to school may be dropped off no earlier than 8:15am as there is no adult supervision. Only those enrolled in a scheduled morning activity (such as a club) can enter the building at their designated time.

     2)  LATE TO SCHOOL - Please remember to escort your child into school if they are arriving late (after 8:35am) and sign them in with the front desk greeter.  Our Blackboard Connect system will automatically call your home when a student is absent or late at approximately 9:00am.  Please remember that these calls will go out regardless of whether or not you have called into the schools attendance voicemail.

     3)  PICK – UP - Due to the frequent amount of interruptions at the end of the school day and for instructional purposes, I am requesting that if you need to pick up your child prior to the 3:10pm scheduled time, please send in a note with your child and/or call the main office before 2:00pm (if possible) to advise that you will be picking up your child.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 


    Lauren Hernandez



    A few important reminders...

    1.     Please make sure your child's emergency card is up to date and on file with the Main Office. ***Emergency Pick-Up will only be granted to the student's parent/guardian AND/OR the persons listed on the Emergency Card.***

    2.     In order to enter Evans Elementary School you MUST show/scan a VALID PHOTO ID.  Valid Photo IDs include a Drivers License and a Passport.

    3.     Please do NOT park on the grass.  Our WCSD Facilities and Grounds Crew along with our students, staff, and Evans PTA work extremely hard on making our grass and gardens beautiful!