• Welcome Sixth Grader! 

    Dear Parents/Guardians,


           We are looking forward to having your child in class next year and to meeting you soon.  Your sixth grader will need the following supplies for school in September.  We hope this list will give you a chance to beat the crowds.


    Required Items 

    • Math  / Science / Social Studies

      • 1-inch red floppy binder with your name on it

      • 1 marble notebook with your name on it (Labeled “Math Anchor Charts”)

      • 1 package of 5 tab dividers

      • 2 packages of loose leaf paper

      • 3-subject spiral notebooks (Label one “Science” and the other “Social Studies”)

      • 1 zippered supply pouch

      • 4 glue sticks

    • ELA

      • 2 marble notebooks

      • 2 pocket folders

    • General Supplies

      • 12 sharpened pencils with erasers

      • hand-held pencil sharpener with cover to catch shavings

      • blue or black pens

      • 2 highlighters


    Optional Items

    • 3 boxes of tissues

    • Expo dry erase markers 


    Please write your child’s first and last name on all supplies.

    All phones brought to school must be turned off and kept in the student’s backpack during the school day.  Please do not bring Sharpies, whiteout, electronic devices, toys, etc.


    Please do bring a positive attitude and a smile. See you in September!